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"The world of Siliar awaits, a world of magic where common people and heroes rise up together to battle evil." ~ Bill Snodgrass

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Created by Bill Snodgrass and Cameron Walker

The World of Siliar is a world of magic—rich in history, wrought with struggles—where heroes emerge from unexpected places and champions come from every walk of life.

The World of Siliar is unfolded to readers through book-length works beginning with the eleven-book Thrice Born Collection, which forms the core of a period of time called the Thrice Born Era. The Thrice Born Collection begins  with The Valley of Regret in which readers are immersed into the world and meet the principal characters that will be seen throughout the bulk of the collection.

In addition to the book series, several other collections—more episodic by design—offer readers alternative ways to explore the world! However you begin, the character of Siliar await you, ready for you to join them as they face evil and strive for justice.

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Enter the Thrice Born Era Now!


Discover the Age of Elementals

A century after the Thrice Born Era, the world of Siliar faces a new threat, unlike any before in its history. Join the people of the world as they take a stand to save themselves from certain doom!

Enter the Age of Elementals!

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"Words? Lots of words? I like words!" ~ Piper,  c/o 2022

"I'm going to study all the maps and become an expert in Siliar. I've been looking for something else to read and get into." ~ Destin,  c/o 2022

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