"The world of Siliar awaits, a world of magic where common people and heroes rise up together to battle evil." ~ Bill Snodgrass

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Created by Bill Snodgrass and Cameron Walker

The World of Siliar is a world of magic—rich in history, wrought with struggles—where heroes emerge from unexpected places and champions come from every walks of life.

The World of Siliar is unfolded to readers through a series of book-length works beginning with the eleven-book Thrice Born Collection, which forms the core of a period of time called the Thrice Born Era. The collection begins  with The Valley of Regret in which readers are immersed into the world and meet the principal characters that will be seen throughout the bulk of the collection.


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The author of Siliar planned for the reader to begin with Valley of Regret.

At its heart, The World of Siliar is about people.


The stories follow them as, over time, they struggle against evil around them, as they come of age and learn about love and life. They join together to fight darkness; they bring light to the world through their choices, actions, victories, and even through their failures.

"…realistic fantasy, oxymoronic as that may seem…"


Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series, commenting on a Siliar story.

The ensemble of characters includes both young and old, male and female, rich and poor. They share the hope that, together, they can stave off the will of evil that would conquer the world they know and love. But the powers of darkness have a head start and no desire to see their works undone.

The good people of the world will have to work fast, be creative, and combine their efforts if they want to set things right. And along the way, some of them will grow up. Some of them will learn to see the world differently. Some of them will learn to see themselves differently. 

But for all their efforts and changes, for all their work to face the challenges before them… will it be enough? 


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Enter the world of Siliar… The entire collection opens from the point of view of Nathan as he and his traveling companions approach the city of Thornwood in The Valley Kingdom.

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