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Eliz and Carissa were folding up stack of blankets and putting them onto a shelf that they had set up by the door on which the boys and girls were signing their names. Carissa had found seventeen blankets from among the people of town on her first try at getting some support for Refusers Farm. Eliz was very pleased by both her effort and the response of the people of Bitter Springs.

Over her head in the hayloft—in what Alex, Kolton, and Rett were converting into sleeping rooms, Eliz heard a hammer drop, and the boys laughed.


“Alex, you missed.” Rett sounded friendly as he spoke to his cousin.


“I was planning on my training to teach me more making furniture than walls.”


“Yeah, furniture is good. Building bunks into the wall solved buying beds for everyone.” Kolton replied.


“Yeah, it’s a good idea.” Rett added.


“Well, we have two rooms done.” Alex sounded pleased, and Eliz had to agree.


“People keep showing up. Looks like we’ll do good to stay ahead of the needs.” Kolton replied.


Eliz looked at the door where all the names were being recorded. Already, boys and girls had arrived from Peasley, Briarwood, Kent, and Salton. Louise, Alex’s fourteen year-old sister had arrived with Victoria, their sixteen year-old cousin from Briarwood. Along with them came Kevin, who was a fifteen year-old boy they knew whose mom was dying and whose father had been long dead.

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