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Emilee leaned back in the soft, upholstered chair and looked at Marilyn across the room. They had asked Corey, Martus, and Leon, the Banker to join them to talk about matters related to the near future of the Resistance.

“Leon,” Marilyn asked, “what is your view on all this?”

Leon leaned back. “Well, I assume you are asking me what I think because of the years I’ve seen. Maturity and all…”

Corey nodded. “You have to see things better. Plus, you are a successful business person, and that has given you a valuable point of view.”

“Okay, let’s assume me being old matters in a different way from your having been at this for four years while I watched from a distance. I’d like to think I am a good listener and that I’ve heard you say a lot of things that are important to think about.”

Marilyn nodded. “So, how do you see things?”

“First off, we have to consider the sources for what we’ve heard. Do you trust the priest is accurate? I mean her accounts seem in line with what other people have said, but what do you think?”

Emilee leaned forward. “From what I saw through Langley, I’d say she is telling it like she sees it. We’ve all heard stories about the Legionnaires doing terrible things the closer to the capital you get.”

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