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   By early afternoon of Second Day, they were approaching the next town in Delgarna. Rough houses were built amidst the fields, home to the tenants who farmed the land.

   Some distance further, the road took a slight bend and a white slat fence lined either side of the road. They followed it with their eyes and it ran on before them for a great distance. On the horizon in front of them stood a great stand of trees. The meadows behind the fence, it turned out, were for sheep. Flocks stood watchful in the pasture as the travelers went by.


    They approached a lumberyard on the right side of the road as they neared Fline, the next town. A large drying shed stood empty of all lumber, but several great trees lay by to be cut. To one side of the yard, great stacks of firewood had been lain in to be sold for the approaching winter. A woodcutter of great stature was splitting logs with a large axe.


    As the party came along side the spot where the man worked, a shepherd came toward them with his flock. The party moved their wagons to the side of the road to make room as the flock moved by.


    "Gee, that guy's huge." Nathan pointed to the woodcutter.


    "I’d say!" replied Ben.


    “He certainly does not pain the eyes,” Anna added.


    She acted surprised when everyone turned to stare at her in response to her remark.


    “Urm hurmm…” Korgol graveled his voice. “I thought we made it clear this was a no-cavorting affair.”


    “I’m not cavorting. I am only looking.”


    Kyla laughed and shook her head.


    “You are much too young to be looking, young lady.” Korgol put his hands over Kyla’s eyes.

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