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It was yet an hour before dawn when Lansal woke the members of Mr. Tony’s Caravan. He was anxious to start early because they had covered little ground the previous day. By the time they had everything hitched up and ready to go, four of the kingdom’s guards rode towards them slowly. Sir Anthony, Edwin, and Lansal stopped what they were doing to meet them.

“Who is in charge?” The only soldier with a white sash across his chest looked down.


“I am Sir Anthony. This is my caravan. How can I help you?”


“We are to escort you out of the realm according to King Elvin’s instructions.”


Sir Anthony shrugged and went back to what he was doing. “Okay, as you wish.”


Lansal looked over the four soldiers briefly and found himself amused by Sir Anthony’s indifferent response. Edwin followed


Sir Anthony to finish the last steps of hitching the team to the second van.

“It will be days that we travel, and if you are to follow us all the way, we shall see a lot of you and you us.” Lansal said to the guards. “Do you have names or shall we just be rude to you?”

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