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Emilee was anxious to meet the woman with the sword and crossbow who had defeated six of Falicor’s thugs in less time than the men needed to find a tool or stick and join her. To hear it told, she was a fierce warrior mage who cleaned house in about fifteen seconds, leaving four dead and two more dying.

With Corey, Carissa, Aubrey, and Marilyn, she sat in the parlor of Aunt Julianna’s house looking out the window toward the walkway to the street. Carissa had come by earlier and explained what had happened after she separated from them and her father at the inn and had gone to the Refusers Farm. She had told them that Eliz wanted to bring Fuller there to introduce them.


“There they are.” Carissa pointed to them as they turned onto the walkway.


“They do look like sisters.” Emilee nodded.


“I told you so!”


Aubrey stood up and peeked through the lace curtains. “Oh, my. Twins almost!”


Marilyn stood and crossed the parlor to the door in anticipation of their arrival. As they drew near the porch, she opened the door and greeted them with handshakes.


“This if Fuller… Marilyn, Emilee, Corey, Aubrey… You know Carissa…” Eliz pointed to the group as she introduced everyone.

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