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Emilee looked around and was pleased to see that everyone had shown up. Kolton and Eliz were there to see them off and Eliz prayed a blessing over them that they would advance justice in the land and be safe.

“Okay, let’s get going.” Emilee picked up her small pack.


“Until we get to Potterton, there’s really no way to pretend like we can pass without being noticed, but let’s just try and not create any more fuss than is necessary.” Corey picked up his gear and followed after Emilee.


Everyone set off to meet Buuff in Potterton with the swords and bows they had been given from the cache Corey and Emilee were creating. It would be a long march throughout the day, but the weather looked like it would be good, so they were hopeful for easy travels. They were going to push hard and make the long trip in a single day. It was an ambitious goal, but Emilee was sure they could do it.

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