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Edwin was aroused from his sleep by a gentle prodding from a boot on his leg. He opened his eyes and looked into the face of Korgol, grim and bleak.

“I see poor fortune has found you,” the dwarf said.


Edwin, feeling happy for having rescued Lansal from the guards, replied cheerfully, “And good morning to you too, friend Korgol.”


“Good morning, then,” replied the dwarf, “Now, it would behoove us to make haste, lest the hordes of guards seeking us and Shandelthan, the Dark himself should come upon us.”


“Of course you are right,” agreed Edwin.


As they woke the others, Pylor saluted a good morning to Edwin.


“How did you find us?” asked Edwin.


Korgol waved his hand at the camp. “We were found by a band of lumberjacks and brought here. They told of your misfortune in Water Town. And of a masterfully planned rescue.”

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