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Patty looked up from the pile of blankets on the floor of the storage level that overlooked the main floor of the old Royal Coachworks building to see Kolton’s head raising through the trapdoor as he ascended the ladder. She was pleased to see him.

“There you are!” Kolton seemed cheerful as approached.


“Here I am, and there must be fifty blankets here.” Margaret had talked to some people in town and secured donations of blankets, about a dozen from Lady Baker, who ran the boarding house.


“That’s terrific.” Kolton knelt beside her. “You’re folding them?”

Patty nodded.


He took two corners of one of the blankets in the pile. “Here, let me help.”


As they folded the blanket, Kolton looked across to the other side of the storage level where Rett, Alex, and Neval were putting up a wall that would eventually be part of one of the rooms they were building for the orphans. Patty could see he was pleased by the progress.


“They finished the first room. We’ll sleep ten in each room, eventually, but for now, we’ll just split the boys and girls between two rooms. They might feel more secure in a big group.”


Kolton looked over the edge of the floor to the main level where the children were at play. “Or they might stay up all night giggling.”

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