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Border Wilds Episodes

Sequel to Hearts for Justice, Prequel to The Erudite War Collection!

Border Wilds Episodes, is a collection of stories that follow the characters from Hearts for Justice in the years that followed the events in that book. Episodes is written with the assumption that the events proceeding it are at least familiar to the reader. However, each episode includes enough information to make the action and discussions satisfying.

Whereas Episodes is a sequel to Hearts for Justice, it is also a prequel to the works involving The Erudite's decadent actions. As a result, there are struggles and situations in Episodes that draw from wanton evil that may be uncomfortable to some readers. Therefore, there is a small paid membership that verifies consent to engage Content Advisory material. 

Some sections will have an alternate version provided that additionally veil what is going on with summaries and even more generalizations.


2020-07-07 - Having finished editing and publishing Hearts, I (Bill Snodgrass) decided to play around with ideas about what happened next. I began Episodes the very same day. Though I am excited by what Episodes will do—setting up the next set of stories/books dealing with a group called the Erudite—I plan to finish pushing out the rest of the completed works as a priority. Episodes (and Shadows) will not be forgotten, but will come in behind other priorities.

2020-08-02 - I (Bill Snodgrass) just finished publishing the last of the completed works (Tangles and Turns). There is still some sections of Prophetess to be written, but I am still eager to begin adding content to this collection. More to come!

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Unveiling The League
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Did You See That Man?
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