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Siliar in the Classroom

Anyone working in education can tap into the inherent interest some students have in reading fantasy as a way to develop academic skills. An on-going effort to point from various stories and scenes to academic outcomes results in the Siliar in the Classroom resources.

The goal is to develop sets of activities related to different topics that can be tied to the many, many scenes. Where available, a button will be located at the bottom of the scene, below the discussion button (See Image.)

The button will take those who click it to the resources and ideas for using that particular scene in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.42.50 PM.png

Site members can add ideas to the resources, too. Using the discussion board in the forums, site members can add ideas that might be included on the resource list. In this way, the repertoire of Siliar in the Classroom resources can grow and expand over time.

The topics and ideas for Siliar in the Classroom are organized by books and sections within the book:

TB01: Valley of Regret

TB02: Path of Darkness (coming soon)

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