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Siliar in the Classroom: TB01: Valley of Regret


Topics and Concepts that could be explored are organized by section. 

TB01-01: Into Thornwood

In this scene,  the opening scene of the collection and book, readers encounter four travelers approaching a city. Lansal, Nathan, Ben, and Rachel make their way along a road and run into an encounter with the Redmen, who are harassing a farm worker.

Economics and Commerce:

The location of Thornwood at the junction of two major roads influences its position as a place of commerce.


Possible discussion questions:

1.) The merchant caravan stopped at the end of the day a short distance outside the city. What might they caravan operators be planning for the next day?

2.)  What is the relationship between being located at the junction of two major highways and the effectiveness as a center of commerce?

Jurisdiction, Authority, Civil Rights:

The constables did not take actions against the Redmen, even though they acted aggressively. After the fighting, the constables went back inside the town leaving the Redmen to deal with their injured companions.

Possible discussion questions:

Discuss reasons that the town constables didn't take stronger actions against the Redmen?

Considering all the things that were involved, did the principle characters of the story behave in a good way? Why or why not?

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