Passing through Smithsville near noon had brought Emilee and Carissa into the middle of a heated exchange between The Legionnaires and a group of townspeople.

“You are telling me,” one of the town’s blacksmiths was yelling, “that I am supposed spend part of every day to make iron ingots by the score, and you are going to take them without paying me?”


“You’re lucky we let you keep working. If you don’t watch your mouth, you’ll be working hungry!”


The smith shook his head and folded his arms across his leather apron. Emilee thought he was sizing up whether or not to lash out against the two of Falicor’s men, and she was happy he didn’t.


Emilee led Carissa into a store where she bought some cheese, some dried beef, and a loaf of bread. After paying the clerk, she led Carissa back into the street and started for Potterton. Breaking the bread and cheese into pieces, she handed portions to Carissa and then offered her some of the dried beef pieces, as well.


“Let’s sit over there.” Carissa pointed to a tree, and Emilee nodded and turned to the side of the road and headed that way.

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