“So tell us what we missed.” Emilee sat with Corey, Carissa, Aubrey, and Marilyn in the third-floor bedroom of Aunt Julianna’s house as the last of the sun’s rays slipped behind the horizon to the west.

“Well, until yesterday, not much.” Corey looked at Marilyn.


“Yeah, up until yesterday and last night, everything was pretty routine, but then Eliz showed up with with her helpers.” Marilyn nodded.


They went on to tell Emilee and Carissa about the priest’s plan to create a place for the teen aged children of Terantis. Corey told them all about the Potterson Farm idea, and Carl's involvement. He explained all of their plans and ideas, and brought up their concerns as well.


“Oh, this will be wonderful!” Carissa smiled and looked at the others. “I’m sure people around here will be happy to help out. I know I will.”


“I’ll help where I can, too.” Aubrey looked at Carissa and smiled. “When I get my washing done, if Marilyn don’t need me, I thought I’d see about helping there.”


Marilyn smiled. “Carissa, you’re just the age they are talking about living there. I’m sure you will be able to help out a lot, and you know a the people from town, so you can help them with all sorts of things.”


Carissa smiled and looked at Emilee.


“Carissa and I had a great trip. But before we tell you what came of our adventure, what were you saying about last night? What happened?”


“Oh, that was scary.” Marilyn shook her head. “It turned out okay, and Eliz had a big part in it. We were lucky she was here, or… I guess Falicor would be marching his soldier in, and things would be getting a lot worse.”


Marilyn and Corey told about the Governor’s idea to sell the wood back to the town and how the people did not think that was a good idea. Emilee just shook her head in response.


“I guess that didn’t go over very well!” Carissa looked at Corey and Marilyn.


They continued telling the story of what had happened at Dannon Hall. They explained how the people had become violent.


“If Eliz hadn’t stopped them, they would have killed everyone, including the Governor. Falicor would have burnt the whole town down and hauled everyone off to slave camps.” Corey shook his head. “I’m telling you, we were really lucky she was here.”


“I can see that.” Emilee nodded.


Marilyn nodded. “You should have heard how she spoke to Trendon. She basically told him that she owns him, now.”


“Well, maybe not quite that strong.” Corey shrugged.


“Trendon didn’t talk back, though.” Marilyn shook her head. “He just did what she said, and got all of the Legionnaires inside Dannon Hall. I don’t think there were a dozen of them left who hadn’t been on the verge of being killed.”


Corey and Marilyn went on to tell about the aftermath of the uprising. Emilee was delighted that so much of the wood had been returned to the town. She was beside herself with joy when Corey told about the raid on the town guards’ armory.


“Well, that makes things a lot easier.” Emilee smiled.


The conversation turned to Emilee and Carissa’s spying trip to Langley. Carissa told them about Buuff and his willingness to start helping out again. Marilyn was very glad to hear about the men who would join him. Emilee went on to tell about the plan to meet in Potterton on Three and Five and then to go to the Gusiditall bridge the next day to wait on the caravan that should reach the bridge by Three and Seven.


“With Buuff and his men, we should be able to take a dozen or so of ours, and handle the caravan fairly easily.” Emilee looked at Corey and Marilyn to see what they thought.


“Sounds good.” Corey nodded. “And, now, we’ll have weapons to use.”


“Making things even better.” Emilee smiled. “So I guess we don’t have to come up with a plan to attack the armory.”


“Or attack the guards,” Marilyn added. “We’ll be seeing more Legionnaires, soon enough, I’d wager, but the ones around here were beat up badly. The priest saved three or four of them from sure death.”


“And you should have seen the magic.” Aubrey told Emilee and Carissa how Eliz had used her magic to get everyone’s attention, and then how she and her assistants went around trying heal the injured people. “Like Marilyn said, some of them would sure be dead if she hadn’t been here.”


Emilee shook her head. “You never know when you are going to push people too far. I guess Trendon found out.”


“That’s for sure.” Corey nodded.

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