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Kolton, Eliz, and Cral sat on the small porch of the cottage looking around at the Refusers Farm that was springing up all around them. Kolton scratched his temple and gave a sigh.

“I cannot believe how all of this is coming together.”


Eliz looked at him and nodded. “A good idea takes on a life of its own. We need to start plans for out-growing Potterson Farm.”


“Do you think so?” Kolton shrugged.


“Yeah, Kaden and Monica ought to be turning back this way, so all that they recruit will be walking the same roads as them. So far, they have been going out and the children they have met had to make their way here.”


“Out grow this place?” Kolton shook his head. “We don’t have supplies to finish the barn, here.”


“Yeah, I heard Rett and Alex leaving last night to go look for lumber.” Cral pointed toward the road.


“Oh, I hope they are careful and stay safe.” Eliz nodded.


“Yeah…” Kolton couldn’t think of anything else to add.


The three sat quietly for a few minutes until one of the young boys, Joey, and Bonscott appeared coming toward the barn pulling a two-wheeled hand cart. Seeing the three on the porch, they waved and Joey reached into the cart and held up a potato.


“A little luck on our side.” Cral waved his stump at the boys. “Patch of potatoes grew up wild this year. I bet there’s a square twenty paces each way, and all ready to be pulled up.”


“That was a lucky find. Almost as much that it gives the Refusers something to focus on as the food it’ll provide.” Kolton stood up. “I should help them unload.”


“We’re going to need a barn that we use for barning.” Cral said. “Just a thought…”


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