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Just before they reached the ford at Potterton, Corey assigned them small groups to stay with over the last part of their journey. Carissa and Aubrey had gone ahead to alert Buuff that they were on their way to the candle shop.

Over the next hour, trying to make as little of a scene as possible, the twenty-one members assembled from the Bitter Springs Resistance made their way across Langley River at the ford. They worked their way through the dark streets of Potterton until they arrived at Buuff’s candle shop.


Emilee was in the last group, and she was glad to get off the street.


“Hello again.” Buuff held the door for them as Emilee and Martus entered.


“We are the last two.” Emilee looked around. “Are your men still in?”


“Ten of us in total,” Buuff replied. “I let some of your people down into the cellar already.”


Buuff led Emilee to where the others were gathered. “It’ll be crowded, but no one should bother you here.”

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