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The next morning, a dozen guards dressed like those from the construction site rode into town. Quietly, Ben awoke the others and alerted them to the situation.

A few minutes later, Stayten came in with a report. “They are going to go house-by-house until they find Lansal and the heir. Looks like not all of the guards were killed by the kobolds, and one was certain that someone had been injured real bad, so they are going to do a search.”


“And what if they find us?” Ben asked.


“They have to keep Lansal and Edwin for Shandelthan. They said that they have to make sure it is the right people, so when they kill them, they will know for sure that they are done with all the trouble they cause.”


Ben turned and looked at Lansal. “It would be great if you would be done getting better, now.”


Lansal did not move in any way different from before. Anna shook her head. 


Gadalla stood up and moved to the window. “Okay, what’s the plan?”

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