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The more Fuller was around Emilee and Corey, the more she was impressed by how they worked. She found Corey to be very thoughtful and meticulous and Emilee to be creative and daring. Emilee also made her laugh at the most unexpected times, and was clearly a comic at heart.

They had arranged the ambush in a matter of minutes upon arriving at the bridge. Though they said they had never done anything like an ambush before, the only suggestion Fuller had thought to make was to keep all of the archers on the downstream side of the bridge as they set up at each end.


“It doesn’t matter, upstream or downstream, just so that the groups are not in each other’s lines of fire,” Fuller had suggested.


Corey had passed out all sixteen of the their bows—eight on each end of the bridge. Everyone had six arrows. Besides the bows, having added in the weapons from the Legionnaires Fuller had fought, they had fourteen swords and everyone else had spears or daggers. The plan was simple: let the wagons get almost across the bridge, then fly the arrows. When the arrows were gone, clean up the mess. Corey had urged them to try and not kill the horses, as they would be needed to pull the wagons.

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