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“We should be home a little while after dark.” Emilee looked over to Fuller who sat beside her on the log beside the little creek that was about halfway between Bitter Springs and Potterton.

“That seems about right.” Fuller nodded.


Corey walked up to them and was rubbing his neck with his hand, a puzzled look on his face. “So we have a crate of magic powerstones, three dozen swords, and a dozen bows. Not even a single arrow.”


Marilyn leaned forward and nodded. “That’s it.”


“How is this important?” Corey shrugged. “Eliz said they were talking about this weeks ago all the way down in Llur.”


“And that this was just one caravan, as well.” Marilyn gestured at wagon. “They had more guards on the wagons than they did supplies.”

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