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Hob and Kyla sat on the rock Edwin had chosen as the best place to keep watch. They could see the trail to the ledge stretching down to the field where the granary fortress was being built, and the could see their friends in the camp. Everyone on the ledge was a little further up the trail, but they too were staring toward where Edwin, Korgol, Pylor, Nathan, and Gadalla had gone.

“Do you think we’ll see from here?” Kyla asked?


“Yeah, at least smoke.” Hob shrugged. “There’s a lot of wood down there.”


He looked back toward Lansal and wished he would get up. If anything goes wrong, we’ll have a hard time with him being like that. Lansal was still unresponsive, though looking at his wounds, you would never know that only three days before, his guts were literally exposed for all to see.


Anna, Stayten, Rokef, and Mykeal stood near Lansal, but where they could see the granary, too. Rachel, Ben, and Denton were sitting on a rock closer to Hob.


“I hope this works the way they planned it.” Kyla adjusted her position on the hard rock.

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