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From his place as Captain of the Pordoon Aldhan behind Lionce, Pagathus could feel the Dark Master’s attention focused on what he saw through the eyes of a watcher, so he allowed his own thoughts and awareness to ebb close to consciousness. Lionce was again unhappy.

“Drummond, come!”


“Yes, Master?” Pagathus could tell that Drummond was afraid of Lionce’s mood and what it might mean.


“Calin Halren has set us back, again. Shandelthan and his Watcher are dead, and a year’s work in Three Kingdoms is ruined.” Lionce slumped over on his frail body, his movements forced on his unwilling joints by awkward magic. “He turned the Valley Kingdom against us, drove RaKon from Oditial and united the defenders of the city there against us, killed our most deeply implanted agent in Dinaule Drandin’s Quiet Hand station and exposed our infiltration there. Now this.”


“I can see you are displeased.” Drummond stared at the floor.

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