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Kolton had gathered all of the Refusers in the dining area of the barracks. He looked around and made eye contact with Eliz. She nodded to him and braced for what she knew he was going to say.

“Okay, everyone, I need to tell you something. We have grown a lot this week, and I’m not even sure everyone knows everyone else. But a lot of you met Carissa. She didn’t live here, but she has been helping us.” Kolton stood up and pointed to her name on the door. “If you have one of the blue or gray blankets, you have her to thank for that.”


Some of the kids nodded. Eliz could tell that they were anxious by the mood of the meeting and were wondering why Kolton had called it.

“When you signed your name, we talked about how things are with the Legionnaires. We talked about facing the dangers and the risks. Carissa understood this. On Three and Seven, she was with the grown-up Resistance doing something important, and things didn’t work out perfectly. Carissa was killed in battle by the Legionnaires.”

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