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Nathan leaned on Gadalla as he stood looking from the ledge above Northford to the west. The field where they fought Shandelthan smoldered still. Flames at the site where the dwarf had started the construction of a granary and fortress still burned, low, but visible in the fading daylight. Natahn felt a sense of pride that they had dealt a blow to the Dark Council when they could have refused to take action instead.

The people around him, battered, injured, and tired, rested in a victory they had not sought. They had wandered upon a work of the Dark Council, and had known that it could not be ignored. The connection between the problems of Three Kingdoms and the Dark Council’s granary fortress to restoring Edwin as king of Terantis was distant, but not so distant as to be absent. They had rallied together and responded by taking a stand for what was right and good and facing the dangers, determined that, in the face of evil, they could not be idle


Behind them, Shandelthan’s superior, Marshal Tworlock was believed to be coming. Assassins had followed them from Dinaule Drandin, charged by another marshal, Alzaphius to find and kill them. Alzaphius had pursued them, himself with an estimated forty men, as best as Nathan could recall.


Ahead of them was, eventually, Terantis and Marshal Falicor. Somewhere between the present and the future, RaKon was surely to reappear. They ran from trouble to trouble, and expected trouble to find them in the middle. But, they were determined to do whatever they had to do so that justice could prevail.

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