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Around Nathan, the members of the company were slowing responding to the minimal effect that sunrise was having on the dark clouds that were pouring rain in buckets from the sky. Nathan was glad it was not very windy, thinking that would just make the cooling temperatures feel worse. So many people were injured to one degree or another, any additional discomfort would be insult on top of injury. He fingered his own wound to see if his bandage had soaked through, and he was glad to see that it had not.

Nathan looked at Mykeal. “How hard would it be to learn a mending spell. I mean for me or you to learn the weaves to just do the mending magic, like Fuller did?”


Mykeal shook his head. “It’s a long way from my natural class. I have leanings toward material and spatial magic. Life magic is all the way around the circle from there, but your leanings toward mind magic put you closer. Still, healing magic is very, very complicated and hard to learn. If you mess up bending a board with magic, you have a broken board, and start over. If you mess up fusing two rocks together you get… something messy, and you start over. If you mess up trying to heal someone…”


Nathan nodded. “But how long would it take?”

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