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Eliz never liked seeing those she cared for die, and it was no different for Riley. She did not know him, but that made no difference to her. She had learned healing arts magic to save lives, but she knew that could not always happen. It made no difference to her, though. Knowing something was true did not make her wish it to be different any less.

“His folks came a little while ago and took the body,” Remis said. “Their pride of what he was won’t take away their sad, though.”


Eliz nodded and looked at Meggy. “She looks a lot better.”


“She ate a little cooked oats this morning. No fever, either.” Remis looked at his wife dozing in the bed and smiled.


“Does Marilyn know about Riley?” Eliz asked.


“Martus came by just before you did. He went to the Farm to tell her.”


“I didn’t see him, but I was in town trying to find some cloth. Stacie said that Carissa had wanted to make outfits for everyone… Anyway, I guess Martus and I just missed each other.”

“Riley was a good man. I guess you can say an eighteen-year-old is a man. More like boys and girls, I guess, but…”

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