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“I feel like I have been walking for a week,” Emilee declared. “And the hole in my boot is getting worse and worse.”

“We have been walking for a week.” Corey gently pushed Emilee along the path in front of him and the cart he led. “We left for Potterton on Three and Five.”

“Well…” Fuller looked over her shoulder and met eyes with Emilee and smiled. “Not to try and make light of your sore feet, but… I left Oditial on One and One. But, I did get to sit in a coach for a few days and breath road dust.”


Emilee laughed. “Okay, you win! That is a little crazy, you know!”


“I’d like to sit and rest for a few days!”


“Maybe you are in the wrong place for that,” Corey replied.


Emilee looked down the road. She thought that the place where Desolation Trace intersected Grandview Pike was getting close. She was trying to see past Fuller’s pony tail as it bobbed in front of her when, unexpectedly, Fuller crouched and hurried a few steps forward and sideways.

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