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“Dorith was very clear. They attacked yesterday morning and twelve Legionnaires were killed.” Emilee sat on the heath of the fireplace and looked across the main room of the cottage at Marilyn, Martus, Fuller, and Corey.

“Twelve more of Falicor’s men dead.” Marilyn shook her head. “We are going to see something really bad, after this.”


“What were they building anyway?” Martus asked.


Emilee shrugged. “Dorith said they didn’t know. Grayden and his team figured it was important to the Legionnaires, so they got rid of it.”


Corey turned from looking out the window and shook his head. “Nothing makes sense anymore. We have more orphans in the area than we do Legionnaires. John, the Harper has two-thousand men a day to the north…”


“Don’t talk bad about him!” Emilee interrupted. “You’ll upset Fuller!”

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