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Rachel awoke to the sound of Gadalla and Pylor dealing with the snow that had blown in and covered over the entrance to the shelter. The sounds confused her at first, and her state of mind was further confounded as her rising state of consciousness revealed that she was laying on her side with her arm over someone’s chest and her knee on top of someone’s leg.

As quickly as she could, she rolled to her back. The ceiling above her was strangely light and dark at the same time. Snow shelter…


Rachel turned her head to confirm that it was Lansal who lay beside her. In a flash, the events of the previous day came to her mind and she gasped. Everything faded except the image of Ben’s smiling face being enveloped in a cloud of white, a cloud of snow, as he vanished below her. The smile on his face and the look in his eyes… He knew what he was doing the whole time.

“Are you okay?” Lansal was looking at her and moving to rise to his elbow.

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