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Sleeping in the snow cave for the second night, unable to change into completely dry clothes, proved to be far less comfortable than the first night. Ground covers, coats, and blankets for warmth came up short in overcoming the chill of damp clothes against their bodies in the snow shelters. They awoke the next day only slightly refreshed. As it had the night before, the wind had piled a drift of snow over the entrances to their snow shelters, so digging out the tunnel was, for a second time, the first order of business of the day. When they emerged from the caves, the snowfall was light and the wind was, by comparison, calm.

They distributed food for breakfast and tried to enjoy it.


“Here Edwin, have some bread at least,” directed Anna. “You will need your strength.”


“No, I can’t… My headache has made me nauseated…”


“Do you still have a headache?” asked Tarduunal.


“Yes, it just won’t go away…”

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