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It was too far from Refusers Farm to the main part of town to suit Emilee, so she had walked into town and was sitting on a barrel outside Remis’s barber shop, which was conveniently located next door to the Silver Haven, one of Bitter Spring’s inns. She did not know why he had a barrel, but she was glad for it as a seat.

The weather had cleared, but it was much colder. Still, from the north and west, Emilee wasn’t sure what would blow in. She had her cloak wrapped tight around her, but her boot was in her hand and her bare foot was dangling off the edge of the barrel.


Remis stood in the door, waiting on Hanice, who had promised to trade a bag of apples for a haircut. “What are you doing?”


“I am evaluating.” Emilee glanced over her shoulder at him and flashed a smile, knowing he would want to know more.

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