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Kolton looked at Cral across the pile of wood he was stacking up for the collier and shook his head. “Do you know that a hundred and fifty young people can make a path through an empty field in just a few hours?”

“I am not surprised.” Cral nodded. “You had them go off the road by Remis’s house?”


“Yes, that’s right. It will save a lot of steps over time.”


Kolton went back to the cart and retrieved another armload of wood for the stack. “And there’s that one big tree halfway. Just

in the middle of the empty field. We made the path go right by it.”


“Sometimes farmers would leave a tree in the field for shade at lunch time. Probably what that’s all about.”


“Patty’s calling it the picnic tree. Where the orphans and the Refusers can meet when the weather is nice.”

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