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Eliz tugged on Bartomen’s sleeve until he turned so he could read her lips. “What are they saying? Who is the man with Captain Dylan?”

“Hi’ name is Gregory. He da one I’ve been telling you ‘bout. He says dat they have some’in’ dats gonna make eve’yone stop fightin’ back. Now, they just talking ‘bout what they ate fo’ dinne’”


If the Legionnaires had ever intended for people to think life would go on normally after they stopped fighting back, they had given up trying to convince them of that in Apple Cove. The people who lived there had been forced to work in what Eliz concluded to be Falicor’s storage area. Wagons followed wagons into the town filled with all manner of goods—whole wagon loads of grain, lumber, clothes… Everything imaginable. In Apple Cove, the loads would be divided up and put on other wagons to be taken out all over Terantis to supply Falicor’s troops, and it was the people of the town working twelve hour shifts doing the work.

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