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The sunrise awoke the party even before Lansal did, and the worn and battered group started a new day. Nathan crawled from the shelter and looked to the east. As the sun inched over the horizon in golden glory backed by the bluest sky Nathan could remember, he realized he had never seen a sunrise from the side of a mountain before. He took a few awe-filled steps away from the shelter and stared and came to Kyla’s side. Her blanket wrapped over her coat, Kyla stood staring too.

“So beautiful.” Her words summed up Nathan’s feelings perfectly.


Gadalla was crawling out from the shelter talking to Pylor at just that moment. “I’m telling you we should have kept a pair of those snow shoes as a… Wow, brother, come look at this sunrise!”


Over the next few moments, everyone emerged and stood staring to the east. All sixteen members of the company, before the sun was fully above the horizon, gathered on the East Slope Road of Odandi Elaro Vol and stared at one of creations greatest beauties.


“I feel like it is a symbol for us starting a new phase of our journey,” commented Hob. “Like after this, we are on to something new.”

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