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“Come on Buster. Let’s get going. Maybe you know why I’m doing this.” Fuller didn’t usually talk to her horse, but she was making an exception.

She looked back at where she had camped to make sure she hadn’t left anything, but didn’t see anything, so she turned Buster to face north and set off at a fast walk. Once she gets warmed up, I’ll kick into a trot. Should be there before noon.


She knew where she was headed and when she would get there, but she could not figure out why she was going. She had told herself and the others that it was to see if John, the Harper knew what the Legionnaires were building, and if he did know, find out if he could he tell her. Emilee had just laughed at that.


“Good story!” the reining clown and self-appointed match-maker of the Bitter Springs Resistance had said. “Now, make one up about wood sprites and forest gnomes!”

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