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Eliz had spent all of the day before and all of the morning moving through Apple Cove where the Legionnaires drove the people of the town to the task of loading and unloading the wagons that supplied Falicor’s army. She had lost count of the times she had offered prayers to soldiers, taskmasters, guards, and the men and women that they were forced to do the work.


In two cases, she had found people who had been injured, and had used her healing magic to mend wounds. She was happy to be performing the kinds of service she had trained for, but it was disheartening to see the injustice of Falicor’s tyranny.


Besides her service to Johvah, she kept her ears open for anything Falicor’s men might say that would help the Resistance. She thought about Kaden and the news he carried to Bitter Springs and guessed he would still have two more days of travel before he would get there.

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