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The Game System Overview

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The Premise…

What can you expect from the Siliar Game System

In the mind 1980s, Cameron and I realized that the traditional diced-based role-playing game system resulted in a single high level character having the ability to defeat entire towns of "average" NPCs. A 40th level warrior was essentially able to kill twenty or more low level fighters of various kinds. The priest class had a spell called "holy word" that would kill EVERYONE within a 5 yard per level radius. So at level 20, that was 100 yards!

The game we devised turned this back. We assumed that it would be more fun to be the level 5 warrior if you and 10 of your buddies could gang up on… pretty much anyone… and pull them to the ground and hold them down. Imagine 10 high school football players. If they could all grab essentially ANY college football player at the same time, they could do just that. So, the game system became one that was very, very realistic. One warrior fighting more than one at a time would have to decide how to deal with the numbers advantage the opponents had.

Likewise, magic became constrained. No single caster type person could singlehandedly wipe out an army of… anything—school kids, dragons, etc.


We sought to make a system where the advancing charcters could team up and be a threat to anyone, where the heroes of the world would have to operate with good judgement and sense. 

The result was a system that was very realistic, where the adventures were propelled by imagination and not just having a high level.

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