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Change Log


From time to time, changes to previous sections have been made in order to correct errors or add important details. Beginning in 2020, this page includes a list of those changes (just in case someone notices). Simple typo corrections are NOT included. Likewise, rewordings from the original to an equivalent revision are not included. However, where edits significantly add to or alter the details of the stories, those changes are included here.

2021-06-29: Oh brother! This is sort of a biggie… I was looking at the world map and discovered my northern tropic line was only 800 miles from the equator. It should be 1600 miles. So… Redid the map. The impact on the stories will be hard to find. There area a few places where the position of the sun relative to north and south walls / windows is made. I think some of these are now incorrect, as the new distance is going to put Mist Meadows and the Borderwilds below the northern tropic.

2021-06-29: Amended "EW 4944-2-02-2 03 Hunters and Hunted" rather extensively—enough to make note of the addition here. The story, as previously published, didn't change significantly, but was extended for a few more days in order to establish a basis for events that would happen a few years later.

2021-01-12: Altered a name in "EW 4942-1-09-6 04 Looking At The Dark Heart" because I had used it for a different character. Curustis became Darroy.

2020-07-28: A change was made in TB06a-36 "What Could Happen?" whereby the canon was amended to add a scene where a group of young people from Terantis found their way to Southlawn asking to meet Prince Edwin. The account of that meeting was added. This meeting is a brief look from Hob's point of view of the same event that appears in an episode of From Shadows, Come which as of the date of this note, is forthcoming to the timelines. That episode is called (not surprisingly) "Let’s Go See The King."

2020-07-06: Changed the name of a character to "Modi" for two reasons:

1. As with "Somra" below, I thought Modi had a nice feel to it for a fantasy world.

2. the name it had been ("Maddy") has become very commonly used among people I know. Modi is a unique, somewhat non-conforming character, and I thought it was better to give her a unique name.

2020-07-03: Changed the name of a character to "Somra" because it seemed, to my reading ear, to sound better for the context of time and place. 

2020-06-19: While working on Sixteen, Going on Forever, I discovered some variations in how ages were described, and even some noted birthdays being different in different places. Going forward, edits will include checking and verifying ages in the texts, but without doubt, there will be errors, and I'd estimate there will be a lot of them!

2020-06-13: Began the process of changing the site over to a database-driven design.

2020-06-06: After thinking about healing magic for a long time, I tweaked some of the abilities of The Way and added some anecdotes about the process of regenerating limbs or other body parts. The net effect is that, while it is possible, it is on the scale of (21st Century comparison) putting a satellite into orbit. That is to say, Bob, down at the livery stable, would not have the capacity to do that.


This change came as the result of working through Norad's character arch and planning the character arc for a future (as of this writing) character, Hanlee, who will appear in a future collection.

2020-05-30: Amended various sections to reflect a habit of Lansal in which he practices changing his grip on daggers.

2020-05-16: TB05-65 -- The date in the heading was corrected to 4928, Midwinter, Week 12, Day 2.

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