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End Of The Era

Books completing stories in the Thrice Born Era

The stories beginning that stormy night in 4928, when Lansal, the Quiet, Thrice Born of Arok Dora, showed up at the door of his friend, Mage Marleen of Brener come to their conclusions in the years following the War to Liberate Terantis. They are collected on this timeline.

In an effort to simplify following along each story…

  • Link colors are consistent for each of the books. For instance, Tangles and Turns links are black throughout, regardless of where or who the sections are about.

  • Links will include the book number identifier. Dates given indicate when the following sections began.

  • Sections are longer both in word-count and in time, and they might include days, weeks… in some cases years of time.

  • Links in the timelines are arranged vertically by (approximately) time sequence. Colors and number identifier identify which book the link goes with. The vertical arrangement is sequential, but not to scale.

  • Each of the books here can be accessed in its own "Simple LIst Page." These pages have only the sections for that particular storyline.

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Tangles and Turns 

Book 11a of the Thrice Born Series


Tangles and Turns is last book of the Thrice Born series, and in it, many questions about what happened after the war are answered. Tangles is written quite differently, and the opening scene explains that.

Tangles and Turns can be enjoyed without having read any of the books coming before it. The heart of this story does not rely heavily on the events, but rather joins the characters at the war's end and follows them through the rest of their lives.

Tangles and Turns is FREE to site members.

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Tangles and Turns is different from the books that came before it and different from the rest of the books on this timeline in how the story is told. It is more free-flowing. As the introduction explains, it is told in retrospective through the eyes and memories of Nathan.

Nathan begins by offering a substantial about of context and provides something of a denouement to many of the character arcs in the eleven previous books (adding in From Shadows, Come). This is woven together in Part 1: Rebuilding, Building, and Looking Ahead.

Some readers will be satisfied skipping to Part 2: Looming Threats, where the story depicts how the characters respond to news of Dark Council activity. Beginning in Part 2, the narrative and action focus more closely on Lansal and those close to him.

The overall cadence and rhythm of Tangles sets it apart from all of the other Siliar books that have been written up to this point. The linked sections are less like chapters or scenes and more like what I think of as movements within the action and character arcs.

Tangles also addresses several very important themes dealing with meaning and purpose.


Book 11b1 in the Thrice Born Era, first of two books of the Truthfinder Series


The war over, the time came for Nathan to continue his training in the magic arts, but he had something he wanted to do first. Join Nathan, Mykeal, Kyla, and Lola as they set off into the unexpected!

Readers could begin their Siliar experience with this book.

Truthfinder requires the Truthfinder premium plan.

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Book 11b2 in the Thrice Born Era, second of two books of the Truthfinder Series


Prophetess picks up as Nathan and the others in Truthfinder wrap up their Ringman training and lay plans for the future. The story follows them as they seek out further training as healing wizards, but they do much more!

Though unsought, threats to Siliar's liberty appear on their doorstep, and the Truthfinders are forced to take actions.

Prophetess, further, introduces readers to a great deal of information that is foundational to the books appearing in the NEXT era (future plans).

Readers can easily enter Siliar for their first times through Prophetess. Naturally, it includes spoilers related to the previous books, but the story unfolds in such a way that the details of the earlier books are not necessary.

Prophetess is FREE to site members.

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Hearts for Justice

Book 11c1 in the Thrice Born Era

Hearts for Justice introduces new characters and a new place to readers. The story and characters in this book do NOT rely on having read all of the other books. (HOWEVER, there are historical events mentioned in this story that would reveal the outcome of things in the Thrice Born Series.)


One of the themes through many sections of Hearts deals with propriety (moral and societal) in the face of temptation. The unintentional tempting of one character by another creates moments of tension where choices need to be made. The descriptions are not explicit. Readers should consider if this is appropriate for them.


Hearts requires the purchase of a premium plan which acknowledges intention to access the content.

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Find out a little more about what happened to the characters from Hearts in the seasons that follows in The Erudite Collection!

The Erudite War



In part, following Hearts for Justice and splitting off from Prophetess and Tangles are more episodic adventures showing how the people of eastern Siliar took a stand against a different manifestation of evil: The Erudite. Access requires purchase of The Erudite War Collection premium plan.

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The Erudite War Collection is coherent and consistent, but it is not crafted to be a traditional "book." It is intentionally episodic; each episode, though connected to what comes before and after, functions independently (much like television episodes).

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Tangles and Turns is FREE to site members.

4982, Midfall, Week 5  Day 1

TB11a-1 The End To The Beginning

Flashback 52 Years ​

Part 1: Rebuilding, Building, and Looking Ahead

In the first seasons after the war, those who had survived faced the monumental task of rebuilding a nation.


4930, Midfall, Week 3  Day 1


4930, Midfall, Week 8  Day 1


4931, Midspring


4931, Midfall, Week 4, Day 1


4931, Midwinter, Week 7, Day 3

The Watchful (Free to Site Members)

A year after the Battle at Garnall Bridge, the changes in Terantis were many. Yet, that battle spawned other changes that the heroes of Terantis would not realize until generations later.

Begin Truthfinder
Siliar World Map ≈ 4950 to 4990.png.png

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Hearts requires the Hearts for Justice premium plan.

Part 1: A Formidable Company

A diverse group of people came together, unified by the ideal of seeing liberty defended.

4932, Midsummer, Week 1  Day 5

4932, Midsummer, Week 7  Day 2

Begin Hearts For Justice

Part 2: Looming Threats

Injured but not dead, the threat of the Dark Council could not be ignored.


4932, Midsummer, Week 6, Day 5


4932, Midfall, Week 11, Day 3


4932, Midwinter, Week 1, Day 3


4933, Midspring, Week 1, Day 1


4933, Midspring, Week 8, Day 6


4933, Midsummer, Week 3, Day 3


4934, Midspring, Week 8, Day 7

TB11a-14 Unexpected Turn Of Events

The action in this section spans years…



4939, Midsummer, Week 8, Day 4

Part 2: A Worthy Cause

The group set their sights on a matter of grave injustice.

4932, Midfall, Week 4  Day 4

Part 3: A Course of Action

Inaction in the face of injustice was not acceptable to the members of the Quiet Hand team.

4932, Midwinter, Week 1  Day 1

4933, Midspring, Week 1  Day 1

4933, Midspring, Week 6  Day 3

B11c1-24 It’s Never Too Late…

Continued in "Unveiling the League"

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Truthfinder requires the Truthfinder premium plan.

Begin Prophetess

Prophetess Part 3

Hopes and Threats

Nathan, Mage Mykeal, and the others faced the possible ill will of the New Order while at the same time, they embraced the challenges of living up to the Truthfinder ideals.

4939, Midspring, Week 1  Day 4

4939, Midsummer, Week 8  Day 5

TF11b2-49 Changing Everything

4939, Midsummer, Week 13, Day 1

TF11b2-50 The New Normal

4939, Midsummer, Week 9, Day 4

TF11b2-51 Ringmen Once Again, And Much More

4940, Midspring, Week 3, Day 7

TF11b2-52 This Shouldn’t Be A Secret

4941, Midspring, Week 4, Day 3

TF11b2-55 Threat Ended, Though Bitter

Part 3: Finding New Ways

His ideas for the future shattered, Lansal was thrust into the necessity of finding new ways to live.


4939, Midsummer, Week 12, Day 5



4939, Midsummer, Week 13, Day 1

TB11a-17 Back To The Castle of the Sky


4939, Midfall, Week 8, Day 2

TB11a-18 Once More, Up The Mountain


4939, Midwinter, Week 9, Day 4

TB11a-19 White Sands and Beyond


4940, Midspring Week 3, Day 7

TB11a-20 To Terantis And Beyond


4940, Midsummer, Week 4, Day 5

TB11a-21 Finding The Cup Empty


4940, Midsummer, Week 12, Day 2

TB11a-22 Filling The Empty Cup


4940, Midsummer, Week 12, Day 3

TB11a-23 The Cup Overflowing

Begin The Erudite War

Part 4: Final Turns

The turns of life finally seemed to have left Lansal, Emmaah, and Rachel on courses they could easily navigate, but there were unexpected twists, still waiting for them. Not everything was easy.


4941 Midsummer, Week 2, Day 3

TB11a-24 Settling In For The Long Course


The action in this section spans years…


4954, Midsummer, Week 3, Day 2

TB11a-25 Can We Call You Pops?


4970, Midfall, Week 3, Day 7

TB11a-26 Final Turns


4982, Midfall, Week 5, Day 1

TB11a-28 The End Of An Era


Prophetess Part 4

Going Home

The years of training came to an end, and it was time for the first of all Truthfinders to do the things they had been preparing to do.

4941 Midsummer, Week 2, Day 3

56 The Order of the Leporunse

4941 Midwinter, Week 10, Day 2

57 When Good People Do Nothing… (M)

This same scene is included in both timelines.

4942 Midspring, Week 1, Day 3

58 Heal My Wife

4944 Midsummer, Week 3, Day 2

59 Mastering Magic

4945 Midspring, Week 4, Day 4

60 What Color Are My Socks?

Beginning 4945 Midfall, Week 5, Day 2

61 It Was Always Apples

4947 Midspring, Week 3, Day 5

62 Returning Home

4970, Midwinter Week 2, Day 3

63 What Will It Be?

4982, Midfall Week 4, Day 4

64 The End Of An Era

The Erudite War Collection

Starts HERE

The Erudite War Collection follows along as various characters, some from other books and some new ones, take on the evil of The Erudite. Except where marked (M), access requires purchase of The Erudite War Collection premium plan marked (EW).

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Plot Stream Identification

4933, Midsummer, Week 6  Day 2

Did You See That Man?

These two introductory episodes set the stage for a somewhat significant movement later in the century.

4940, Midspring, Week 12, Day 7

Evil Like None Before (Alt) (EW)

4941 Midwinter, Week 10, Day 2

When Good People Do Nothing… (M)

This same scene is included in both timelines.

4942 Midspring, Week 9, Day 4

Into the Dark Heart - ATTF (EW) 

4942 Midsummer, Week 2, Day 2

Permanent Change—The Risen (EW)

4944 Midsummer, Week 2, Day 2

Hunters and Hunted—JK (EW) 


4947, Midsummer, Week 2, Day 4

Like No Other— QE (EW)


4947, Midfall, Week 8, Day 2

First Efforts— QE (EW)


4954, Midsummer, Week 3, Day 2


Not A Princess — SA  (M)



4963, Midfall, Week 1 Day 3


4970, Midspring, Week 1, Day 1

Out Of the Ashes - Epilogue  (EW)

More adventures in The World of Siliar are already planned! Watch for, in the years to come, works appearing in a new era, The Age of Elementals.

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