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From Shadows, Come

More adventures during the war years during the Thrice Born Era!

From Shadows, Come, a work in the World of Siliar begun in the summer of 2020, occurs during the War to Free Terantis. Though it occurs concurrent to the other books in the era, it is meant to stand alone, to be an alternate entry point into the world that does not depend on anything from the other books.


The unique main characters in this book have their own adventures spanning the season covered in the rest of the War Collection, and when they, from time to time, encounter characters from other Siliar books, their interaction is not complicated by what's going on elsewhere. Follow along with Marishal, Daxon, Naluun, Kahlan, and others as they try to stay alive and free while fighting for justice in Terantis!

While it overlaps by virtue of time and location (Terantis), readers should be comfortable jumping in here—whether they read anything from books 1-4 or not. Completing Shadows, readers will be well-immersed in the world’s culture and will have, through these characters, learned about the war that is detailed in books 5-10.


Those having read books 1-4 can enjoy reading Shadows either alongside of or after reading books 5-10.


Where nuances about culture or the world add meaning to a scene, but where unfolding it would disrupt the flow of the narratives, footnotes will be used. This will fill in context for first-time readers, but will not distract from the flow of the narrative.

Shadows was started after began converting to a database system. The table below lists the story sections in chronological order, and includes a date code

The action in Shadows moves through the map briskly, so the timeline makes no attempt to hint at where things occur. The story sections include that information.

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