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  • War Collection

    Follow all the action through the War to Liberate Terantis!
    • Access to all books in the War Collection
    • Includes access to Content Advisory pages in War Collection
  • Truthfinder

    Nathan's story continues…
    • Access to the book, Truthfinder
  • Hearts For Justice

    More adventures in Siliar!
    • Access to the Hearts For Justice Book
  • The Erudite War

    Follow the battle against the evil of The Erudite!
    • Access to content from The Erudite War collection
    • Including Content Advisory (CA) pages in this collection
  • Content Advisory

    • Access to pages designated into the Content Advisory group
    • Not needed for books included in other paid plans
    • Needed for Content Advisory sections of otherwise free books
  • Age Of Elementals

    Access to all of the Age of Elementals content.
    • Access to all of the Age of Elementals content.
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