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Fan Art!


Using the site email, you can send JPEG or PNG files of YOUR illustrations for the action in The World of Siliar!

Please use the email link to launch your email client.

Attach your image AND fill in all of the info needed. That's it!

Your submission licenses the non-exclusive perpetual use of your image. But, if you need it removed later, just send another email.

Submit Fan Art!

1. Click Here to open your email client.

2. Attach image.

3. Provide the following info in the body of the email:

  • Artist Name

  • (Optional) Artist age

  • Story Section Being Illustrated

  • Descriptive Caption

  • (Optional) Notes about how the image was created (for instance pastels and scanner or PhotoShop or… ???)


Fan Art

Report a Site Error


Use the form here to report site errors.

And… there are probably a lot of them!

Also, use this form to report typos or other errors in the story sections and episodes.

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