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Enter the World of Siliar!

The Thrice Born Era

Beginning​ in 4900—as years are numbered by the elves—the World of Siliar faced grave threats and underwent vast changes. It so happened that during much of that time there lived a man, Lansal, who was, as they said of people who had undergone the regenerative sleep of mages twice, thrice born. So it is that for Lansal, the Quiet, Thrice Born of Arok Dora that the works in this collection are named.

The author of Siliar planned for the reader to begin with Valley of Regret.

But you are free to dive into Siliar in many, many ways! The timelines lay out options for the stories, but you may want to start by looking at maps! There are links to information about the world, too—the author's very own notes!

Most readers could pick up any of the books, start reading, and follow the action, though some of the nuances of the story would be missed. However, there are several very viable places to enter Siliar besides the author's first book.

Book and collection titles having this (         ) symbol are entry points into the world, written such that the other works are not necessary for understanding the character and action arcs. Naturally, books occurring later in the collections will have details that could be spoilers for content in early books.

However you wish to do so… Jump into the World of Siliar, and join the lives of the characters!

Stories, Collections, and Books of the Thrice Born Era!

Sixteen book-length works spanning most of Siliar's 50th century! Beginning in 4928 and following the actions of various characters, the Thrice Born Collection heralds the good that can come when people take a stand against evil! 

  • The Thrice Born Collection: Eleven books with a number starting with TB

  • From Shadows, Come

  • The Truthfinder Bilogy: Two books with a number starting with TF

  • Hearts for Justice

  • The Erudite War Collection

  • Additional short stories

4925 Midsummer, Week 4,  Day 3
"The Potato Farmer of Jamescamp"
Short story—published originally in Amazing Journeys

4926 Midspring, Week 3,  Day 1
"The Roses Thorns"
Short story—published in several anthologies

 Suggested: START HERE

The Thrice Born Collection begins from Nathan's point of view as the characters approach the town of Thornwood.

4928 Midsummer, Week 1,  Day 2
Valley of Regret
 B00k TB01
The first book of the Thrice Born Collection

The Thrice Born Collection continues a week later in Path of Darkness.

4928 Midsummer, Week 7, Day 4
Path of Darkness B00k TB02
The second book of the Thrice Born Collection

The Thrice Born Collection continues a in Way of Refusal. In this book, readers become more closely connected to the Resistance in Terantis.

4928 Midfall, Week 1, Day 1
Way of Refusal 
B00k TB03
The third book of the Thrice Born Collection

The Thrice Born Collection continues immediately in Shadow of Doubt where we see those on their way to Gloom struggling against time, nature, and their enemies while the Resistance in Terantis continues to deal with Falicor's Legionnaires.

4928 Midfall, Week 4, Day 3
Shadow of Doubt 
B00k TB04
The fourth book of the Thrice Born Collection

In Hope Lost, raising an army consumes those with Edwin while the Resistance in Terantis tries to hold on. But the Dark Council is not idle in their efforts to carry out their plans. 

4928 Midfall, Week 9 and 4
Hope Lost 
B00k TB05
The Fifth book of the Thrice Born Collection

4929 Midwinter, Week 3, Day 3
"Against The Shaman"
Short story—previously published

The War Collection

The six books below collectively make up a group called "The War Collection" wherein the characters from the previous four books face the ultimate task of taking on Falicor, his Legion, and the Dark Council he serves.

Stance for Freedom and Road to Liberation both begin with Nathan trying to make sense of all that happened at the end of Hope Lost. The group with the heir is split in two, and the action of the Resistance in Terantis picks up.

4929 Midsummer, Week 5, Day 1

Stance for Freedom 

B00k TB06b

The sixth and seventh books of the Thrice Born Collection

4929 Midsummer, Week 5, Day 3
From Shadows, Come

During the War Collection time period

An alternate entry point into the World of Siliar, the unique main characters in this book have their own adventures spanning the seasons covered in the rest of the War Collection and concluding a few years after the war was over.

For the individual book contents (not the composite timeline), Click Here!

Sixteen, Going on Forever is the ninth book of the Thrice Born series. It begins 4929, Midsummer, Thirteen and SixSixteen is different from most of Thrice Born in that it focuses on a different group of characters, depicting the events from their points of view. They interact with the characters from the other ten books, but the story unfolds through the eyes of the younger group of characters. It ends on 4930, Midsummer, Two and Five when the action merges into Book 10.

For the individual book contents (not the composite timeline), Click Here!

Rise of Independence sees the merging of most of the story lines (except Sixteen) as the conflict with Falicor in Terantis escalates. 

The War to Liberate Terantis  comes to a climax in Anthem of Justice.

The books and collections below collectively make up a group called the "End Of The Era" spanning the years after the War Collection until the time some of the characters underwent the regeneration of mage-sleep.

Tangles and Turns focuses on Lansal's life after the end of the war, but also provides a many details about Terantis in the aftermath of the war.

Beginning 4930 Midfall, Week 1, Day 6
Tangles and Turns

B00k TB11a
The last book of the Thrice Born Collection

Tangles and Turns brings the Thrice Born Collection to a close, spanning 52 years and ending on 4982, Midfall, Week Five, Day One.

Beginning in 4931

The Watchful

Book 11d (novelette)

(Free to Site Members)


A year after the Battle at Garnall Bridge, the changes in Terantis were many. Yet, that battle spawned other changes that the heroes of Terantis would not realize until generations later.

Beginning 4930 Midwinter, Week 11, Day 1

B00k TF11b1
The first book of the Truthfinder Bilongy

Hearts for Justice Is a stand-alone book that introduces readers to a different part of Siliar and a different group of characters.

The War to Liberate Terantis  comes to an end, and some of the characters go off with Nathan and Mykeal for training. And romance… Truthfinder spans four years

Beginning 4936 Midspring, Week 1, Day 1
B00k TF11b2
The second book of the Truthfinder Bilogy

Prophetess follows Nathan, Mykeal and the Truthfinders as they adjust to the challenges of adulthood and find ways of using their training to do the things they feel have value and meaning. Prophetess also reveals that evil is still present in Siliar.

As Prophetess winds down, some of the characters who survive the challenges go on to face other evils in the world, joining a collection of others (familiar and new characters) who are already steeped in the battle. The seeds of the war actually began to germinate beginning 4933 Midspring, Week 6, Day 3, but most of the action occurs after 4940.

The Erudite War Collection takes place in the last years of the Thrice Born Era, bringing a close to a time period that forever changed Siliar.

The Erudite War Collection
A collection of episodes

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