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Welcome to The World of Siliar!

Welcome to the adventures of the people of Siliar! There is so much to see, so much to experience!

The World of Siliar is vast. It includes short stories, books, and collections of episodes, but don't let that be overwhelming! 

The author of Siliar planned for the reader to begin with Valley of Regret from the Thrice Born Era Collection, a selection of books and stories spanning nearly a century. However other works found in the Thrice Born Era are equally suitable as entry points into the magical fantasy world.

Siliar Timeline to Stories, Books, and Collections


4601 Midfall, Week 3,  Day 1

"The Dragon of Yellow Wood"

Short story—published in several anthologies


4926 Midspring, Week 3,  Day 1


4982 Midfall, Week 5, Day 1

The Thrice Born Era Collection

The World of Siliar was threatened by the evil of the Dark Council.

Beginning​ in 4900, as years are numbered by the elves, the World of Siliar faced grave threats and underwent vast changes. It so happened that during much of that time there lived a man, Lansal, who was, as they said of people who had undergone the regenerative sleep of mages twice, thrice born. So it is that for Lansal, the Quiet, Thrice Born of Arok Dora the works in this collection are named.

The author of Siliar planned for the reader to begin with Valley of Regret.


5084 Midsummer, Week 2,  Day 2

The Age of Elementals

The World of Siliar, a century after the Thrice Born Era.

A century had passed since the end of the Thrice Born Era, and those living in those days were not prepared for a threat to their world unlike any having come before!

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