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Membeship in The World of Siliar community opens up a few site features that will grant access to even more information, and it will provide access to the discussion forums where members can interact with each other and the author. Becoming a member is easy! Just click the login button at the top of each page and get started. You can login with Google or Facebook, or you can create an account using a valid email address.

There are different membership options beginning with free membership. Optional premium memberships open up different areas of content.

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Pages with the (M) designation require visitors to register for the free membership.

Many readers enjoy peeking behind the curtain a little and seeing what's going on. Some of the members pages allow just that! Over the years, numerous reference documents were created by Bill that keep things consistent and accurate. These documents are found in the members section.

Calendar and Time

This page has information about the way people of Siliar mark the passing of time. Both the counting of days and the counting of hours within the day are explained.

Currency and Economy

How much does a pair of boots cost? How much can a store merchant earn in a year? This is the kind of information found in this document.

The Races (Species) of Siliar

Humans… Elves… Dwarves… Baines… Kobolds… Why are all these different types of beings in Siliar, and what are they like?

The Way of the Dorsi

This school of training appears frequently as the characters advance through the stories. This document is the foundations for how it works and how it is learned.

Technology and Inventions

What is the technological level in Siliar? And what do you call all the people who have jobs? This document addresses these issues and serves to anchor things in the stories.


Siliar magic is very specific and detailed. This document is the grounding for the system that allows for magic to be amazing, while keeping it in balance with the rest of the world.

Style Sheet for Writing and Notes 

Here's something readers rarely get to see: the author's notes! Yes, this document, in addition to laying out the specifics for what things are called and how they should be written, also includes notes about things that need to be done and ideas to be developed. It is truly a look behind the curtain!

Paid Premium Plans…

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Pages with the (*P*) designation require visitors to subscribe to the *Premium* membership plan.

• Dig deeper into the world of Siliar with access to more author resources!

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Future membership developments…


While The World of Siliar is a labor of love, it is also my hope (Bill Snodgrass) that it will eventually provide some sort of financial payoff. That said, the idea of paid memberships to access additional content is not unthinkable. THAT said, the current plan is to completely deliver the first THREE books of the Thrice Born Collection via the non-members area of the site.

When that is done, the TB-04 book will be require registering for the free site membership.


After that… Thrice Born Collection books TB-05 through TB-010 will be offered for a fixed, one-time payment. Similarly, Book TB-11 will be offered for a fixed, one-time payment.

During the years of TB-11, the events of another series occur. The Truthfinder books will also be offered together for a fixed on-time payment.

In order to begin developing the system, I have created a *Premium* membership that will grant access to pages that are followed by " (P)." This is currently (2019-03-11) free, and the pages included are limited, but it is a way of working out the system. 

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