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The World of Siliar

Timeline of Books Corresponding to Thrice Born Series

Timeline of all books in the Siliar world falling in time with the Thrice Born Series. Follow the adventures and action and see how each story (and collection of stories) fits together.
Thrice Born Era
Book Index
(Roughly In Order)

Books from the Thrice Born series are numbered TB… followed by number and letter designations.

Books from the Truthfinders series are numbered TF11-B1 and TF11-B2.

Author Insight:

Creating this composite timeline became a necessity as the 2016 version began wrapping up. Each of the books ended up with a really comprehensive outline/timeline. I had to organize those into an "at a glance" version, and this is what I came up with.

I suppose the tipping point was the writing of Sixteen Going On Forever TB08-B, which overlapped the two Book Sixes and the first Book Eight.  Truthfinders TF11-B1 was already done at that point, so the resulting format made perfect sense.

The timeline on this page includes information from the Thrice Born Era. You can see more information from the overall Siliar history HERE.

About The Numbers:

All of the books in the Thrice Born Era have a number. Eleven of the books also have the "TB" designation indicating that they are part of the Thrice Born collection, the set of books that correspond to Lansal's second awakening from mage-sleep. Where the timelines overlap, the number is the same and the books get letters appended. So, TB06-A and TB-06-B happen at the same time.  Likewise, the TB08 books overlap. 

Arriving at Book Eleven, the feel of the stories changes. The first of the books in the Elevens picks up Lansal's story and runs for a number of decades. That's Book TB11-A. 

While Lansal (and others) are central to TB11-A, Nathan and some others split off and a second thread is developed. This thread is the Truthfinders Series which begins with TF11-B1. TF11-B2 follows up. The 11Bx designation indicates the books happen in the same span as 11A, but with a different cohort of characters.  The TF indicates that it is part of the Truthfinder Series.

Elsewhere in the Border Wilds, the events of another book, Hearts for Justice take place. This book gets designated as 11-C1

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