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The World of Siliar

Timeline of ALL Books and Stories

The page below lays out the chronology of the books and collections in the world of Siliar. The information should serve as a guide to the vast history that comprises the world.

Refer to the date ranges—Year, Season, Week, Day—to see when the events of a particular work took place. Links to the works are found in the column on the right.

The Thrice Born Era represents a large volume of works taking place beginning in 4928 and going through 4982. This period of time represents the roots to the entire body of work that is the World of Siliar. It was in this period that the charcters first appeared, both in the game play as well as the fiction accounts. Eventually, more was written outside of this era, and the long-range plans are for even more to be written.

Keeping the timelines organized took a great deal of time and effort. However, the end result is a fairly complex but complete outline of the events that took place. In particular, the Thrice Born era timelines reflect a great deal of work and present a great deal of information.

The author's timelines include obscure notations and lots and lots of spoilers. If they become available to the site, anyone using them will need to do so carefully knowing that the surprises that unfold in the story might be blurted out in bullet form.

Through the years of writing, the timelines have guided and anchored the world at least as much, if not more than the maps. To the extent that the moon phase was added to the timelines, the details of the world are kept consistent and accurate.

Author Insight:

I cannot imagine starting a writing project without a solid grasp of what happens when. As the maps influence the story, so too does the calendar.

The timeline on this page includes information from the Thrice Born Era as well as other times. It attempts to render a picture of the vast Siliar history, and attempts to do so in a way that is easy to understand.

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