A Few New Sections and…

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I have been working on Siliar. Really. And also planning more things for the future.

I have also been working. Teaching. That paying job!

Today, however, I put two more sections into the nearing-the-end Prophetess work. They have a lot of heft to them, dealing with the magic of the world and how the Truthfinders were utilizing it. Both of them lay ground work for important future developments in Siliar!

Furthermore, I have near-final drafts to two episodes from the Erudite War Collection. In them, two more of the teams are presented; some familiar characters as well as some new ones who are part of the Order of the Risen. You WILL want to check those out. As I am writing this, I am planning on putting them up tomorrow.

Also… another appeal… I'd really love some fan art! Spread the word!

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