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An End And A Beginning

Work in the Thrice Born Era is winding down with a few episodes still planned for the Erudite War Collection. I feel like enough of the Siliar events in that era have been described that a robust view of the world is available. In the days to come, I plan on adding two or three more episodes to answer a few "and then what happened" questions.

Meanwhile, the genesis of the Age of Elemental is already underway! As I said in a previous post, I don't plan this collection to be nearly as broad as the Thrice Born Era. But… I didn't plan the Thrice Born Era to be as broad as it is, either!

The Age of Elementals will begin with a surprise glimpse into another world impacted by things that occurred on Siliar before and during the Thrice Born Era. Then, the implications of that introduction will simmer as some of the favorite characters from Thrice Born emerge from mage-sleep and settle down into their next awakenings.

But how long can they stay settled?

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