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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The demands of the 2020-21 school year vastly curtailed expansion of Siliar, but it did not completely stop it. The next dozen or so week promise to afford more time to… well, we'll get to that!

Looking back, most of the creative work went into the episodes during the End Of The Era collection. By no means is that complete. I also did quite a bit of work "under the hood," partly looking deeper into how magic works and how it will impact the next expansion. However… Hold that thought!

The last 8 months also saw the completion of converting the entirety of the story content to a database driven system. It was a massive effort with literally thousands of links (The Lost Hope timeline, alone, has over 150 links!) I feel sure some of them are… broken, so if you find any, let me know!

Looking ahead, the work down over the last 8 months sets the stage for the commencement of writing into The Age Of Elementals. As creative energy heads in that direction, there are a few things I want to also accomplish in the episodes! My hopes are to, for all practical purposes, finish writing in the Thrice Born Era and begin some work in The Age Of Elementals!

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