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Thrice Born Era Completed


To say it is completed is to agree that I am not planning any additions. At this time. There is a lot of room on the edges of the canon to which additional accounts and adventures could be shared!

To say that The Thrice Born Era ended up larger than intended would be a vast understatement!

The 2016 rewrite resulted in over 1.2 million words. In the five years since, the original story expanded to the 11 book Thrice Born Collection that centers on Lansal's third awakening from mage sleep. But it is so much more! The Dark Council's plot to conquer Perandis Sheen converges with Lansal and his companion's lives. The collection demonstrates the epic struggles of the people, heroes and common folk fighting side-by-side to stand against tyranny and oppression.

The collection also includes Sixteen Going On Forever in which a group of young people land themselves in the middle of the war to stop the Dark Council. Their part is important, and along the way, they uncover the existence of a spy in the very midst of Prince Edwin's company.

In addition to the Thrice Born Collection, Hearts For Justice was added to the canon. In it a group of new characters appear. Readers join them far from Perandis Sheen as they unite against evils threatening their region.

Growing out of the Thrice Born Collection is a bilogy that follows Nathan, Kyla, Mykeal, Lola, as they meet others in the course of Nathan's magic training. Truthfinder and Prophetess introduce new characters that join with Nathan and the others to find their own places in Siliar's battle for justice.

The summer of 2020, saw the birth of From Shadows, Come, a stand-alone collection of episodes centered on a group of young characters trying to survive in Terantis against Falicor and his legionnaires.

The Erudite War Collection followed the episodic designs of From Shadows, Come and chronicled the on-going adventures of several characters from Prophetess. It wrapped up with 22 episodes. Overall, a lot of the story is untold, but it accomplished the main character development tasks I wanted it to accomplish.

Also in The Thrice Born Era is a novelle called The Watchful that follows Shreg in the years after he encountered Lansal and Edwin's company in the Terantis War.

Where does that leave us?

  • The Thrice Born Collection: Eleven books

  • From Shadows, Come (29 episodes)

  • The Truthfinder Bilogy: Truthfinder and Prophetess

  • Hearts for Justice

  • The Erudite War Collection (22 episodes)

Where to next?

Several of the characters from the Thrice Born Era ended their lives by entering mage sleep. When the awaken to walk awake next, Siliar will be waiting for them.

And, too, waiting for them will be challenges the likes of which Siliar has not seen since the Dragon Wars.

Work on The Age Of Elementals has already started!

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